In the Ring

The priest’s principle vestment, the epitrachelion, which he wears around his neck. It symbolizes the grace of God that has been poured out on him in his ordination. It also symbolizes the great weight and responsibility he carries for those in his care.

Have you ever seen a boxing match, where a contestant stumbles to his corner at the ring of a bell, sweaty, beaten, bloody, and dazed? And the people in the corner are furiously cleaning him, drying him off, hydrating him, tending to wounds, and pointing out what to do and what not to do, giving perspectives on the enemy’s strategy and tactics that he can’t see, and offering admonition and encouragement as needed?

Confession is kind of like that. Many people think of going for confession as stepping into the ring, and are scared to do it. But the reality is that you’re already in the ring, like it or not. You’re taking your licks. 

Confession is an opportunity to huddle in your corner before the ref calls the match. Catch your breath. Have your wounds examined and at least patched up for the next round. Get some tips on how to do a little better in the ring next time. Get some encouragement. 

You might still be off-balance. You might still not be able to see perfectly. You might still get your lip busted. But the thing is, you will have survived another round.

Take as many trips to the corner as you need. Benefit from what your Coach can offer, because He believes in you. The stakes are high. Let’s get through this brawl called life together, having borne one another’s burdens and having fought the good fight.