PREACHING, particularly in the context of the Divine Liturgy, is part of a liturgical moment, and is tied to the eucharistic act. It assumes a speaker and an audience. On account of this, the sermons presented here are necessarily outside of their original context. This does not mean they will not have value to one who reads or hears them here, but they are now removed from the moment in which they were delivered. The dynamics between preacher and congregation, vocal inflection, ad-lib, the greater ecclesiastical attitude of the assembly depending on season or then-current events, and an endless list of other such variables—all these things are missing when outside of the congregational context. A sermon that might read in a rather underwhelming way may have been delivered in a life-changing way; likewise, a sermon that may have lulled the congregation to sleep may reveal something of value to the one who reads or hears it now.

Be these things as they may, here are some sermons I have offered. May they be a blessing to you, should you choose to read or listen to them.